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At My Balance Matters, we aim to create harmony through a lifestyle medicine approach, offering real solutions for the whole family. We combine physical and brain-based therapies, LASER, nutrient support, exercise rehabilitation, lifestyle and behavioural modifications to restore your body’s natural ability to grow, heal and prevent disease.

We are a holistic, warm and supportive clinic. We appreciate that every person is an individual and presents differently. We take the time to ask curious questions to solve complex problems by using an integrated treatment approach of brain, body and environment. We believe in developing a deep understanding of our patients to give them the power to heal.

Whether a patient's concern is acute or chronic, simple or complex, we help people of all ages to gain power in their lives and improve their quality of life. We give expert advice that builds clarity and confidence and strengthens functional capacity. We offer a brain-based neuro rehabilitation pathway alongside nutritional, behavioural and functional medicine support. The result is a restoration of balance and certainty to your life. In essence, My Balance Matters works with you to live your best life.

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We appreciate that every person is an individual and their conditions always present differently. Which is why we take the time to treat our patients holistically, and to know their needs before we suggest treatment.  

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