Health Coaching

Guide, Empower, Motivate!

At MBM your Functional Medicine Health Coach will partner with you to improve your health and wellbeing by using the six pillars of wellness: 

  1. Nutrition — setting goals or establishing knowledge and behaviour to improved nutrition

  2. Meaningful Movement — making movement enjoyable and meaningful to you

  3. Restorative Sleep — a key pillar to longevity of life and general wellbeing

  4. Connection — connecting with others for joy, belonging and growth- we are built to connect with others

  5. Fun — making fun a priority again 

  6. Stress Management — finding ways to cope in the best way possible with life’s stressors

Functional medicine takes a different approach to care.  It addresses the root cause of an illness instead of relying on drugs to supress symptoms.  It corrects the mismatch between our bodies and our environment through diet and lifestyle interventions. Functional medicine is a holistic, patient centred and collaborative approach to healthcare.

At MBM, we utilise a big picture approach to whole-person health.  By using ancestral health strategies to align our bodies more closely with our environment, it shifts the focus away from treating illnesses as they occur, to preventing them from developing in the first place.  With solid knowledge and experience within the traditional medical model, we can work closely with integrative GP’s and practitioners to support you at every level. 

Thrive and Live Your Best Life! 

  • Live with energy, joy and true passion for life 

  • Learn skills to live a healthy, active and motivated life 

  • Experience a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and empowerment 

  • Rediscover your purpose, meaning and passion for life 

  • Create lasting healthy habits 

  • Bridge the gap between intention and action 

  • Elevate your confidence to move forward successfully 

  • Reclaim your health and vitality

“A health coach is a guide from the side, not a sage from the stage” 

Health and wellness coaching involves partnering with clients who are seeking to enhance their wellbeing through self-directed, lasting changes that are aligned with their values.  We assist clients to design their very own wellness vision and plan.  We do this by tapping into client’s strengths, talents, and purpose to set and achieve goals. 

Health Coaching establishes a supportive therapeutic relationship and a safe space to enable clients to explore their strengths, challenges, and goals, empowering them to become masters of their own health and wellbeing.  This approach can be used for chronic disease management as well as for general healthcare.

At MBM, we work closely with you to see you reclaim your health, make positive lifestyle changes, and live your life with vitality.  We provide support with dietary, physical movement, behavioural and lifestyle modifications.  Walking alongside our clients, we draw on their resources to design their life, then live at their best.

Book a free strategy call today to see how you could be empowered to become the master of your own health and wellbeing and unleash your full potential. 

Health Coaching

A favourite quote I love to use to describe my role as a health coach is — 'a guide from the side not a sage from the stage’. I walk alongside my clients, drawing on their resources to design their life, then live at their best!

Yvette Wensley

Restore your balance

My Balance Matters is a neuro wellness clinic with a special interest in balance. We aim to improve your overall health and well-being using a holistic lifestyle medicine approach.   By integrating brain, body and environmental support, we help you to restore certainty and reach your full potential.